11:08 P.M. ET – Troy Davis is Dead

I am writing this after watching and waiting in silence for this horrible news. When I turned on CNN at 8p.m., I was thrilled to see that the United States Supreme Court had agreed to a last-minute appeal.

By 10:30 p.m., the news was devastating: the Supreme Court Rejected Troy Davis’ Appeal!

At 10:53 p.m, The State of Georgia began the execution sentence. By 11:08 p.m., Troy Davis was dead, but not before he said his last few words:

“I am innocent. I did not kill your son…I did not have a gun…please keep looking into this case and find the truth….”

I didn’t personally know Troy Davis; I never met him. I did sign countless petitions to save his life, to no avail it seems. And yet, I sit here is true sadness and mourning for another life lost to this horrible crime.

My heart goes out to the family of the off-duty police office who was killed 22 years ago, but does another life taken bring him back?

To the mother and wife of the police officer, the state prosecutor, the judges and other people who have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to this injustice: May God have mercy on your souls!

When people cheer and wolf whistle when the body count of executions at Governor Perry’s hands is read aloud; what kind of people are these?

The Holy Bible and Lord Jesus makes plain: By the mercy you have shown to others, so shall that mercy be shown to you.

If we are a nation of blood thirsty, revenge seeking, holier-than-thou types, that we can judge & execute a possibly innocent man; how much mercy do you expect to receive when you die and face final judgement?

For those who do not believe in God, then think about this:

If I were Troy Davis [or someone equally vested in reasonable doubt of my guilt] would I want to be put to death? Would I have the courage to act in the honorable and dignified manner which he did in his last minutes?

CNN analysts feel that the death of Troy Davis will Not be the turning point to end the death penalty. They cite that 60% of Americans think its great to compound murder with murder. Ten years ago, it was 70%. Aren’t we a progressive bunch!?

As I watched this event unfold, I felt that, I too, was Troy Davis. Like the countless protesters/supporters who gathered at the execution site, chanting: “I am Troy Davis”, my tears, prayers and heart-felt sorrow for a man I never met will haunt me for days.

There was hush silence at the scene, no sound came from anyone: outside or in, during this event. Even when the report of his official death was announced, there was no noise.

There were 2 things I observed about this: 1) there were no people gathered that Wanted Troy Davis killed among the crowd; 2) Troy Davis’ end came peacefully, quickly and courageously as his life was taken from him in “The Death Chamber”.

Let us not forget this day, as it was a wrongful taking of a human life. The death penalty should be abolished forever.